FB Alpha 0.29.73

发布时间:2008-02-22 17:24 

FBA发布了官方正式版,此版本支持了一大堆新游戏和驱动(例如CPS-3),同步至MAME 0.123u1,具体更新内容如下:

  • Added a generic tiles decoding routine and updated various drivers to use it
  • Added support for 32x32 tiles in the generic tile rendering module
  • Added support for multiple YM2203s to the YM2203 interface
  • Updated all sets to match MAME 0.123u1
  • Tidied up all source code to compile cleanly for all builds (unicode, non-unicode, debug, non-debug)
  • Added support for M6502 CPU
  • Added support for SH-2 CPU
  • Added support for NEC V30 family CPU
  • Seperated misc drivers into "Misc (pre 90s)" and "Misc (post 90s)"
  • Moved some common sound cores into the burn folder
  • Added various clones and fixed some little issues in various games
  • Added driver for Madgear and Last Duel
  • Added driver for 1942
  • Added preliminary driver for 1943 and added support to the Zet interface to get the BC register
  • Added Oopsware's CPS-3 driver
  • Added various drivers by iq_132
  • Cleaned up the drivers by iq_132 (seperated into Misc pre 90s category, corrected aspect ratios, fixed rom-sets, etc.)
  • Added driver for seta2 hardware
  • Added preliminary driver for m92 hardware in debug builds
  • Added a d_parent module to put required parent drivers that don't have a specific driver


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